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When new mom Jessica Alba started to learn about all the toxic chemicals in our food supply, personal care products, mattresses, makeup, and more, she wanted to make healthier choices for herself and her family. But “healthy,” “safe,” and “eco” always seemed to mean “boring,” “beige,” and “blah”—and, just as often, expensive or ineffective. In The Honest Life, Jessica Alba offers simple ways to make healthy, affordable, nontoxic choices for your family—and have fun doing it.

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After personally testing hundreds of products and talking to industry experts—from environmental scientists to pediatricians and designers—about safe and healthy strategies (and gathering favorite tips from stylists, chefs, and mom friends), Jessica decided to download everything into an easy guidebook. The Honest Life helps you make every aspect of your life nontoxic and effortlessly chic.

* Eat seasonally, healthfully, and deliciously at any time of the year. Discover a wide range of whole grains, flavorful produce, and pure proteins that combine to make quick, good-for-you meals, even on weeknights (and try out Jessica’s favorite family recipes).

* Clean up your beauty routine. Your skin absorbs a huge amount of what you put on it. Learn the “dishonest” chemicals to avoid in your moisturizers and makeup and discover Jessica’s favorite products to keep you naturally beautiful.

* Put together a stylish home using safe materials without spending a fortune. From inspiring nursery décor to DIY transformations of vintage pieces and a trick for adding sparkle to paint, you’ll be armed with tips for making your healthy home unique.

* Discover the baby gear you’ll really need. Read about Jessica’s must-have baby essentials—and safer swaps for mattresses, blankets, clothing, and diapers.

Healthy and delicious food!
Healthy and delicious food!Healthy and delicious food!

Eating local, whole, and organic is easier than ever. Turn to page 22 to learn how to stock a natural pantry, and discover the cooking technique that makes all veggies taste amazing.

Safe and stylish décor
Safe and stylish décorSafe and stylish décor

Decorate your house from top to bottom with nontoxic paints, flooring, furniture, and other materials—and learn tricks for turning flea market finds into chic pieces on page 191.

Easy non-toxic ways to clean
Easy nontoxic ways to cleanEasy non-toxic ways to clean

The real dirt in our homes lurks in the chemicals used in our cleaning products. Try the simple, eco-friendly strategies on page 132 for a deeper clean.

Natural beauty and style tricks
Natural beauty and style tricksNatural beauty and style tricks

For a 10-minute makeup trick that lets your authentic beauty shine through, see page 79. And take steps to hone your personal style so you save money and resources—and feel your best.

Jessica Alba's The Honest Life
Jessics Alba's go-to tips for making affordable, stylish, nontoxic choices for your home and family!
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